If your company would benefit from a professional AV setup but doesn’t have the requirement or resources for a permanent installation, then the answer may lie with Pacific’s outsourced AV as a Service (AVaaS).

Integrated AV and IT Solutions

Our pedigree in both areas allows us to provide some of the most impressive and functional AV and IT solutions available today. By their nature, Pacific’s installations typically incorporate a heavy IT element along with a stunning audio visual outcome.

As an experienced supplier of IT in its own right, we’re fully equipped to build IT infrastructure within any business in order to give users true connectivity to data and resources.

By integrating this with our AV expertise, we can make AV an accessible resource throughout the organisation - in the same way as you may use shared documents and contact databases.

Pacific Computers can provide infrastructure to distribute any AV signal to any display, either on-site or off-site, any time. Known as AV over IP, this type of hybrid solution represents some of the most advanced methodology available for enhancing your company’s collaboration.

Whether exploring methods of dividing a shared space into dedicated huddle spaces or unifying a fragmented area through bespoke networking, Pacific are experts in the design and provision of comprehensive, integrated AV solutions built on solid IT systems.

To provide the most effective possible solution, Pacific’s AVaaS consists of two different but integrated parts.

On-Site Staff for Outsourced AV as a Service

By providing on-site staff members, we allow your business to bring in the technical expertise of our team to operate and maintain your existing audio visual systems, ensuring all resources are set up and ready to use for any scheduled meetings.

Any issues can be resolved prior to engagements, relieving you from the stress of keeping clients waiting while hurriedly preparing meeting spaces, fixing fiddly problems on the fly such as grasping for missing cables – allowing you to focus on your clients and the task at hand.

Outsourced AV as a Service: Equipment

The other arm of our outsourced AV as a Service deals with the provision of equipment. We can, if required, carry out a thorough audit on your premises and requirements, then provide recommendations and supply the relevant technology to fulfil your solution.

By providing a complete audio visual resource throughout your business, Pacific can give you the means to become more efficient and time-effective – without the need to buy the equipment.

Both aspects of Pacific’s outsourced AV as a Service are entirely scalable to meet the size and requirements of your business. We can accommodate needs of any size – from a single presentation room set-up to fifty rooms complete with equipment, staff, helpdesk, concierge, support, and maintenance – Pacific are equipped to fulfil any brief.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing this option is the way it is paid for – rather than taking on the potentially substantial capital expenditure associated with purchasing a solution outright, your business can take on outsourced AV as a Service as an operational expenditure. Your company can enjoy all the benefits of an AV installation without committing to a large purchase of assets.

By taking advantage of our outsourced AV as a Service, your company can gain access to some of the most advanced audio visual equipment on the market, backed up by a team of AV & IT professionals with the knowledge needed to deliver a full-fledged solution.