How Pacific Modernised Manor Farm to Attract a New Audience


Manor Farm, a farm attraction based in Hampshire, are looking to attract a new, larger audience. In order to do this Manor Farm knew they would need to enhance their visitors’ experience and compete with the bigger farm attractions. The Farm therefore decided to take their first steps into the Audio-Visual world by introducing digital signage to engage with their visitors of all ages and provide a talking point to attract new visitors in future.


Geoff Allsopp, Manor Farm’s Account Manager, worked closely with the Manor Farm team to gain an understanding of their needs and to discover their aspirations for the Farm. Geoff then used this information to come up with a creative and modern solution for the Farm, specifically aimed at the Farm’s younger visitors as they are the main target audience. Pacific’s solution will not only help increase both repeat business and numbers of new visitors to the Farm but will also inspire all visitors to engage more deeply with the attraction, increasing their enjoyment and imparting knowledge to them in a fun way


Handwashing Station

The Farm wished to increase hygiene levels amongst the children visiting the Farm and educate them on the importance of handwashing after touching the animals. Pacific approached this by having a videogame style content playing whilst the visitors are washing their hands. Pacific installed Iiyama TF1534MC-B5X 15" IP Rated screens and Brightsign HD224 Digital Media Players to display a video of germs being washed down the drain while the children wash their hands. To increase visitor engagement the video content also plays audio through the Apart Mask 2 speakers which are located above the wash basins. It was vital that this content was only activated when a visitor approached the wash basins so Pacific installed PIR sensors which were directed at the floor in front of the wash basins. Footprints were then added to the floor to indicate to visitors where they need to stand.


Digital Wayfinding

Manor Farm has animals spread across several areas within the Farm complex. As such, the Farm team wanted to introduce a wayfinding system to help visitors navigate their way around the Farm and to indicate the quickest route to their desired location. To meet this requirement Pacific installed an LG 75XS2C 75" High Brightness screen mounted in a custom built Unicol outdoor housing. The screen has a touchscreen film, allowing visitors to interact with the content on the screen. To complete this solution Pacific used an Omnivex system to control the displayed content. Omnivex was selected for this project due to its easy to use interface, which will allow the Manor Farm team to instantly alter the information on the screen, keeping visitors informed about daily activities or any announcements in real-time.


Reception Digital Signage

As a final step in this phase, Manor Farm wished to install digital signage in the Reception area. The intention of this signage is to allow the Farm to display a variety of content to visitors as they arrive. The requested content included ticket pricing, parking costs and promotion of future events. For this simple solution Pacific installed an LG 49SE3KE display screen. Again, an Omnivex system was selected to control the content in order to allow the Farm team to update what is being shown in real-time, ensuring that visitors always have the most up-to-date information.


Manor Farm are extremely pleased with the results of the project, which Pacific delivered on time and on budget. As a result of the success of this first phase, the Farm are now looking to embark on a second phase of audio-visual installations and are working with Pacific on a number of exciting ideas to take the attraction to the next level.

To learn more about what else Manor Farm have to offer, you can visit their website here