The new sleek and stylish soundbar from Crestron comprises of a high-performance speakerphone and camera in one stunning front-of-room device. With exceptional audio and image quality the soundbar brings out the best in every meeting, in any sized room, with a single USB connection.

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The all in one front-of-room device, the smart soundbar & Camera facilitates effortless conferencing without any other microphones, speakers, or camera to install. High-powered stereo speakers, adaptive beamforming microphone, and advanced digital signal processing deliver exceptional full-duplex speakerphone performance with highly intelligible, echo-free voice clarity. A perfect view of the room is achieved through the built-in, high-end conferencing camera featuring HD 1080p video resolution, ultra-wide 150° diagonal field of view, and Genius Framing digital autozoom.

The integrated camera features an ultra-wide-angle 150 ° diagonal field of view to capture an entire conference room in Full HD 1080p video resolution. Genius framing digital autozoom intelligently detects the people in the room and always frames them perfectly for an optimal view with no loss of resolution. With Genius Framing, there is no need for users to control the camera manually or the need to have pre-sets. The camera image adjusts automatically to any situation whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or with the entire staff in the room, even if people come and go or move around then the camera image adjusts automatically to frame everyone in the shot, so no one is left out.

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Key features

  • A complete conferencing speakerphone and camera solution in one stunning front-of-room device

  • Multicolor status bar — stylishly indicates audio volume, mute, and operational status

  • 180° far-field adaptive beamforming microphone array — senses who is speaking and optimizes directionality for clear pickup

  • Ultra wide-angle 150° diagonal field of view — captures the entire room

  • Plug & Play — compatible with major computer OS platforms running any web conferencing software


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