The use of large screens to inform and advertise in public places.

Also known as Large Format Displays (LFD) they provide professional-grade image quality to showcase anything your company desires.

There are many reasons as to why you should update your current signage:

  • Wider range of products can be shown

  • Cost Effective

  • Eye Catching

  • Quick and Easy to update

  • Display anything

There are many companies that provide screens for digital signage. Here are a few of our favourites we like to use:


NEC C Series

The C series complements todays modern surroundings with its super slim design whilst its multiple display inputs support flexibility and freedom. The NECs brightness levels offer visibility in controlled lighting situations, the professional haze filter allows excellent readability.

  • Ease of use and operation

  • FullHD LCD technology

  • Modern and slim design


LG SM5KE Series

The SM5KE Series is one of LGs huge range of digital signage, it is a high performance smart platform with a Quad Core which allows it to run several tasks at once with a smoother content playback. the onboard CMS allows users to edit and play content without a seperate PC.

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Multiple Screen Composition

  • Suitable For Industrial Design

Samsung Display.jpg

Samsung SHF Series

Samsungs SHF series is a stretched display which features a slim and narrow bezel to deliver an eye-catching experience for customers. it is ideal for small spaces, as you can display in landscape or portrait.

  • Eye-catching stretched Display

  • 5.7mm bezel on each side and 12mm on the top

  • High brightness to improve visibility


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