Wherever they are applied, Pacific's audio visual installations are all about improving experiences - for everyone involved. We adore any opportunity to work in the education sector as it gives us the chance to develop methods and solutions to improve how teaching and learning can take place, all while making life easier for faculty and technical staff.

Our team work in a consultative capacity with institutions' in-house technical teams to develop leading-edge teaching and learning environments that can adapt to the changing needs of teaching methods.

Recent years have seen huge advances made in lesson formats, and we at Pacific are driving the move toward creating collaborative islands where students can work together, share materials and collaborate using wireless, internet-enabled displays.

Using Audio Visual and IT for Universities and Higher Education

While we aim to drive progress, we also appreciate that many educational institutions are not yet ready to take the leap, so we also focus on delivering advancements in more traditional setups while keeping the same goals in mind.

Lecture theatres can benefit from switching to lamp-less projection - an energy-efficient alternative which requires very little maintenance or cleaning and no replacement lamps while delivering a lifespan of around 20,000 active hours. This effectively eliminates costs of ownership and reduces the technical input required to keep systems running.

As the education sector becomes more and more reliant on its AV and IT systems, schools, colleges, and universities alike now require top-notch IT infrastructure and networking to ensure materials can be easily accessed by students and faculty.

Pacific Computers have carried out extensive IT and audio visual installations at several educational institutions. World-renowned establishments such as UCL have enjoyed the benefit of our complete services, including network design, infrastructure provision, and soft setups including internal communications and intranets accessible from any on-site terminal.

By working with teaching institutions to develop engaging audiovisual learning practices, Pacific are driving advancements in educational technology. Our solutions make learning more accessible and lessons more memorable – for everyone involved.