In recent years, meeting rooms have been stepping away from the norm of whiteboards and flipcharts into the world of technology.

Using modern meeting room equipment can enhance presentations and meetings. Depending on what display system you use there are multiple input sources available to use such as video conferencing, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) connectivity, and Room booking systems.

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Video Conferencing

The ability to have a meeting with anyone in the world without the hassle of travelling. Having a video conferencing system within meeting room environments is becoming a necessity. With the increase of technology usage in and out of work, employees are now demanding a high level of technology to increase their work productivity.


Wireless Presentation Systems

A system that allows a BYOD environment allowing employees and clients to use their own equipment and still be able to present on your meeting room display. Users simply connect a USB device to their laptop and ‘click’ and the device displays on the screen or projector without the need of training.

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Room Booking Systems

As the need of meetings increase so is the need to make sure rooms are booked accordingly and accurately, a room booking system grants the ability to schedule quickly and easily. The system allows users to input the number of attendees and technology that is require for the meeting.


Employee Retention – With the use of meeting room technologies, employers are finding that they can offer more of a flexible working pattern for the employees meaning that their work/life balance is improved. Employees can still have the same close relationships with colleagues while away from the office.

Increased productivity – Using meeting room technologies is proven to increase the working productivity of employees. During their meetings they can make decisions faster and participants are more in sync and engaged with the meetings than ever before.

Environmental – Meeting room technologies also has an impact on a company’s carbon footprint; as staff are staying within the office they are do not need to venture out in their cars, they can have meetings using the equipment.



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