Our History

Throughout our 20-year history, Pacific have always strived to push to the forefront of our field. While we can now proudly claim to be one of the leading forces in intelligent AV installation and innovation, we originally began as an IT company - providing computer equipment, networking, and installation solutions to businesses across our region.


As we’ve grown and evolved, so has our drive to succeed. We believe that our uncompromising work ethic is tied directly to the progression of our technology and the profile of our customers, which pushes us to continuously improve and advance the quality of our services and solutions.

Our mission is to build lasting relationships with all of our clients and become a trusted audio visual and IT provider. We take an honest, pragmatic, and consultative approach to our work, delivering innovative leading edge solutions which will give our clients the competitive edge they need to reach the pinnacle of their markets.

Pacific take pride in the abilities and expertise of our installation and management teams. We’re confident that we’re the perfect partner to provide a comprehensive range of services that will enhance your business and customer experience - including consultancy, system design, installation, project management, contract maintenance and technical helpdesk support.

With our head office based in Basingstoke and a fleet of dedicated field engineers, Pacific have the skills and the capacity and support AV and IT installations of any size - fulfilling all your needs with just one call.

It’s this kind of customer engagement that has the potential to transform any business into a multimedia powerhouse. We create immersive experiences that leverage the power of audio visual solutions to communicate, educate, and ultimately engage you and your business with a wider audience.