Pacific Computers’ service desk solutions are designed around our customers’ needs, making sure that it allows you and your users work smoothly and happily thought the day. With the progression of IT systems in recent years, such as Digital Transformations, Cloud based software, security and BYOD, the IT teams are coming under pressure to make sure that all these new systems work smoothly within the company’s infrastructure.

As your people are one of the most important assets in your company, they need a responsive and capable service desk to allow them to maximise their work productivity. The service desk is key to the request fulfilment and incident management process. Companies are now looking at outsourcing this reliability to professional IT companies who are experts in taking control of an IT department infrastructure by bringing it in house and helping the company grow.

How Pacific can help?

We take care of all the complications your company shouldn’t need to worry about such as infrastructure, application and hardware support. We take control partially or fully of the service desk (depending on your requirements) allowing you to have peace of mind that we  understand your IT requirements so that you able to concentrate on growing your business. Our service desk analysts are also trained to follow industry guidelines for incident management to ensure they provide the best possible service to your end users.

Benefits of outsourcing

Greater Flexibility

Most IT departments within businesses are contracted to work the standard 9-5 office hours, five days a week to make sure that users are covered if any IT issues occur during core office hours. What would happen to the remote user or the user who needs to work from home and the IT department have left for the day? Having an outsourced service desk means that all your staff will have a dedicated team ready and waiting to respond to any issues that may occur and work to get the issue fixed first time.

Better Management and Tracking

Outsourcing the service desk is a way of being able to delegate responsibility of managing and tracking a full department. The provider takes on the responsibility of the hiring and training of the department, it would also be the providers responsibility to track hours worked and days missed, as well as pay salaries and to provide benefits.

Reduced Cost

Outsourcing the service desk operations to a third-party, helps to offset some overheads from your business. An in-house IT department requires greater cost because now the hardware will need to be purchased, maintained and repaired by the team. By removing this strain from your IT department means that your IT professionals can concentrate on roles they were trained for – Computer System’s Management.

Rapid Response

As the outsourced team will have contracted targets to meet every month, one target we like to implement is to have our team contribute towards is the first-time fix rate. We pride ourselves on our average first-time fix rate of 65% which means that all calls that come into the service desk are fixed first time 65% of the time. The remaining 35% is investigated by the 2nd line team to resolve, these might include new PCs to be sent out or a more in-depth investigation into what the issue may be.

Experience and Knowledge

Using an outsourced Service desk provider grants you access to a higher level of experience analysts and engineers along with qualifications and experience in a wide range of areas. They may also have experience in working for other organisations, so they have gained world experience across different industries.