Pacific work with several high-end retail outlets, innovating ways to bring storefronts to life with AV; video walls can attract, inform, and involve an audience in ways no other medium can, and Pacific are the leading thinkers in enhancing the customer experience from several angles.

The retail projects we have engaged with cover an immense range of AV applications and intentions.

Our immersive, IT based retail store displays bring customers into the store’s universe, creating memorable experiences that encourage engagement with the brand – for instance, one installation displayed a beach scene which appeared at first glance to be a looping video but was in fact livestreamed direct from California!

Multi-Platform Retail Experience in Audio Visual Projects

Taking retail and leisure engagement further, we are also leading minds in the design of dynamic audio visual IT based displays. These interactive installations respond to the presence of customers and can be used in myriad creative and unusual applications.

Pacific have utilised them to allow user to log in to gyms, hotels, and similar leisure establishments, acting as a portal to an electronic user area which can be ported onto a mobile app - enabling simple interaction and creating a multi-platform experience which keeps customers coming back for more.

Pacific’s combined experience in both AV and IT is what truly sets us apart as a stand-out partner in this field. Our audio visual displays aren’t just stunning – they’re also supported by accomplished IT professionals with a passion for delivering robust solutions that will provide outstanding performance from both a visceral and a technical standpoint.

It’s this kind of customer engagement that has the potential to transform any business into a multimedia powerhouse. We create immersive experiences that leverage the power of audio visual solutions to communicate, educate, and ultimately engage you and your business with a wider audience.