Many companies have turned to using a video wall to promote their business or products. Video walls can be used internally and externally, depending on the equipment chosen. A video wall is a setup that consists of multiple screens to create one big screen.

Benefits of a video wall include:

  • Higher Resolution

  • Powerful Processing

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Flexibility


 Video Walls consist of many components to bring it to life. Here is a brief overview of what is needed to begin creating your video wall.


Video Wall Display

The video wall display is the canvas to promote your content, it is usually of a high resolution and in a large scale.

o   Video Wall Displays are normally made up of tiled monitors, panels or projection screens, joined together to make a large, multi-HD display.

o   There are different options for a video screen due to the range of different technologies available these include LCD, LED, Blended Projections and more. Each have their advantages and disadvantages regarding cost, resolution, brightness etc…

o   There are also different mounting options, depending on the mounting bracket, Video walls can be flat, curved or even three-Dimensional.


Video Wall Controller

The video wall controller is the system that brings the displays together, it allows you to control the content, when it is shown, on what screen and how it looks.

o   Video wall controllers can either use IP streaming or physical inputs, the controller captures the content from all sources available – like workstations, video cameras – making it visible and accessible in one place.

o   The controller is the main part of the system which brings all the screens together. Allowing you to place content on a single display, display over a few screens at once or the full set of screens.

o   Based on what you tell the controller to do, it sends content to the displays and allows you to arrange how you want the video wall to look, this can either be done in real time or can be done offline before displaying.


Video Wall Software

The video wall software is the interface where you can control the display, what sources are shown and where.

o   Most video wall software is user friendly providing a “dashboard” of the system, making it easy for you to choose what to display, from where and on what part of the screen.

o   Video wall software allows the user to amend the screen in real time, some also including editing skills like scaling, zooming, and cropping tools, brightness and contrast controls, and so on.


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