Two of the Pacific team have been given an amazing opportunity and have been accepted onto the Women in AV mentorship.

Beth and Sammi have both been with Pacific for a combined amount of 21 years and have made a real impact in the business and are both valued members of the team. We are confident that this mentorship will give them the experience and knowledge to support them in their role but also to enhance their future career at Pacific and beyond. 

Women in AV is a perfect organisation to allow women to gain confidence within the AV industry, to help them deal with challenging situations that may arise in their career. Even though Pacific's culture encourages positive moral and never discriminates, this mentorship will allow them to deal with challenging suppliers and customers during their time as part of the Pacific family and beyond.


Beth Glennister

“I started my career in IT and AV integration in 2005 at Pacific Ltd, initially in new business development. Within a year I had moved across to support two of the senior Account Managers with their growing volume of accounts. This role taught me aspects of both account management and purchasing within the IT and AV industry.

In 2009 an opportunity to work alongside the owner of Pacific as an internal account manager for his accounts became available, making use of the skills learned in the support of the account managers with the biggest Pacific accounts.

After a few years in this role, I then helped to transition this into a team function rather than dedicated internal account manager, and once that team was working, moved into my current role as Supplier, Quality and Management Co-ordinator in 2017. This role was created to support the MD with all aspects of quality management, environmental management, supplier management, and compliance with standards. In that time, I have been working on upgrading our ISO9001:2008 to 2015, add ISO14001:2015, achieve more CTS qualifications, raise and standardise the levels of H&S training of the field engineers, and driving continuous improvement internally and with our supply chain.“



Sammi Bews

“I started working at Pacific in 2012, when I was first taken on as an Internal Sales Support focusing on the education sector. Since starting Pacific, I have grown in a variety of roles in IT and AV, leading me to my most recent success within the company, where I now look after the team who deal with all our Sales Operations – such as internal account management, new business development, and project communication. I have been lucky enough to work on some fantastic projects, some of which still amaze me. I am passionate about what I do and a strong believer in giving Pacific customer’s the best experience first time, you will often find me getting involved in everything, even if I am not needed!

I hope to gain further guidance and knowledge from the women in AV mentor programme - understand their triumphs and challenges and what they do to overcome them. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a community that can relate to some of the obstacles we face. My end game is to always grow, as I am the only one who can create my own future.

Outside the world of Pacific, I am a mother, fiancée and bulldog owner. I study nutrition - I love food and the benefits we can gain from eating correctly. I can often be found running half marathons, bungee jumping or on some form of adventure - I am a strong believer in we only live once, so I intend to make it my best one!”